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Dedicated to report about what's going on in the psytrance/goatrance scene world wide. To gather the psychedelic crowd and to inform about trance music, parties and related things. Read about upcoming and popular artists, about some of the best parties and current movements in our tiny little colourful world.

intershroom is the name of the international part of mushroom magazine, maybe you have heard about that monthly trance publication from Hamburg/Germany, part of the legendary mushroom magazine which is comprised of dedicated professional editors, designers, writers, producers and artists geared at creating high impact, innovative and creative media publications that focus on electronic music and dance culture. The team brings together like-minded individuals from all corners of the globe that have joined efforts to create a magazine that is true to the dance culture that it represents.

We want to connect people to share ideas, impressions and adventures - because our scene has the same peaceful aim worldwide. This tribe could be your possibility to contribute to our magazines, inform us about news and facts from all over the world or maybe just to meet some nice people. If you never have seen one of our printed issues please submit your address to us and save your personal issue:

If you are interested in the older issue you could download them as pdf. on our site you will find a gallery of the issues of mushroom magazine back to January 2005, all international issues and the last two trancers guides: RSS Feed what is XML?

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